Best Luggage Carts for Travel for 2020

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You’re not a “light traveler,” by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s not rare for you to lug around three or more suitcases at a time. Somehow, despite your lack of a Ph.D. in physics, you manage to keep your bags upright from the airport all the way to your home.

Still, you know you can do better.

You know that frequently travelling with bags that weigh as much as you will take its toll on you eventually.

In fact, you may have heard a horror story or two about injuries caused by heavy luggage.

If you’re not already a victim of baggage-related injuries, you sure as heck don’t want to become one.

One way to avoid getting injured by your luggage is to buy the best luggage carts you can get your hands on.

Why Use Luggage Carts?

Specifically, why bring your own luggage carts? Won’t they just take up more space in your bags? Don’t airports already offer those?

Actually, there are a handful of good reasons to bring your own luggage cart.

Luggage carts save space.

Unlike the wheels on wheeled bags, luggage carts can be separated from the luggage they’re carrying. Most luggage carts can be folded and tucked anywhere you want, so you don’t have to worry about the carts’ wheels taking up too much space in the overhead cabin.

Also, if you’re using luggage carts, chances are most of your bags aren’t the wheeled sort. In other words, the airport guy is more likely to let your bags on board, since there aren’t any wheels to hog space in the overhead compartment.

Luggage carts keep you safe.

Since you don’t have to put luggage carts in the overhead cabin, they’re not likely to roll off and land on your head. And since luggage carts are often used when your carry-on luggage doesn’t have wheels, the latter isn’t likely to roll out of the cabin either. As you know, luggage-related injuries are far too common, so luggage carts can literally save your life.

Luggage carts give you more mobility.

Sometimes, you want to drag your luggage on wheels. Other times, you want to carry it by hand or on your back.

Most bags only allow one of the above options. With a luggage cart, you have the option to put all your bags in one cart and drag them from there, or tuck the cart away and use whatever strength you have to carry your bags instead.

Luggage carts can be used outside the airport. 

Of course, this only applies if you buy your own luggage cart. If you’re renting a cart from the airline (or from a third party), there might be a limit as to how far you can take the cart before giving it back to the renter.

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On the other hand, if you bring your own luggage cart, you can take it all the way to your house, and not have to worry about paying extra fees for a one-time service.

Luggage carts keep the weight off your shoulders (literally).

This is arguably the most important benefit of luggage carts. You don’t have to worry about strategically stacking bags anymore: All you have to do is put all your bags into your cart, and let the cart do all the heavy lifting for you.

How to Choose Luggage Carts

Check the maximum capacity.

As sturdy as luggage carts are, there’s a limit to how much weight they can carry. Before you buy one, make sure it’s capable of carrying the usual amount of luggage you use when travelling. Also, if you have doubts about the maximum capacity advertised by the manufacturer, check out what other customers have to say.

Don’t compromise on durability.

The last thing you want is your luggage cart breaking before you get into your ride back home. Do your homework on both the cart’s material and manufacturer. Check whether the material is the durable sort, and whether the manufacturer has a solid reputation for high-quality products.

Make sure the size is right.

If you’re not putting the luggage cart in the overhead cabin (and it’s highly recommended that you don’t, for reasons we’ve talked about above), it should be small enough to fit underneath the airline seat. At the same time, it should be large enough (when extended) to accommodate all the bags you intend to put into it.

Make sure the luggage cart fits your unique needs.

At the very least, your luggage cart should score high in terms of capacity, durability and size. However, you may have additional requirements for your cart, such as the ability to fold easily, or the ability to be used for purposes other than carrying travel luggage. In that case, check whether the cart meets these requirements as well.

Need help assembling your luggage cart? Check out this video:

5 Best Luggage Carts for Travel for 2020

Samsonite Compact Folding Luggage Cart

Samsonite’s travel products are usually excellent, and their luggage cart is no exception. With a maximum extended height of 37 inches, and a capacity of up to 70 pounds, it can accommodate at least two standard-sized carry-ons.

At the same time, the luggage cart is light enough to stash wherever you want, and easy enough to fold that you won’t take too much time setting it up. For a product that’s US$30 as of this writing, this one’s a steal.

On the other hand, you might want to be careful about the way you tug at the handles, since they can get stuck. You’ll also want to avoid an unbalanced load, as the cart might tip to the side.

Check it out on Amazon

AODAILIHB Portable Folding Luggage Cart 360° Rotate Wheels Load 440 pounds

Flexibility was obviously AODAILIHB’s priority when designing this luggage cart. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to change direction in a jiffy. The base plate is also extendable, which is great if your luggage proves to be larger than you anticipated. You can even use it for non-travel related stuff, such as transporting boxes when you’re moving house.

When folded, the cart’s size is 17.7 x 12.2 x 4.1 inches, making it easy to tuck into the corner of your house or car. When extended, the cart can accommodate up to 440 pounds — an incredible capacity, any way you look at it.

Check it out on Amazon

TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart

If you’re looking for a medium capacity luggage cart, this TravelKart item is the way to go. It won’t be able to carry as much as the ones we’ve already talked about, but it’s still a solid choice for a 1- to 2-day trip.

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For one, the stretch cords are straightforward to use: Just wrap them around your bag(s), and you’re good to go. It’s also small enough to carry wherever you go, and the material is sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about it collapsing onto itself. The wheels might break a little too easily though, so you might not want to use this over Europe’s cobblestone streets.

Check it out on Amazon

Ultimaxx Folding Compact Lightweight Premium Luggage Cart – Travel Trolley

A name like “Ultimaxx” might be overselling it, but if you’re looking for a barebones luggage cart, it might not hurt to give this one a try.

If your bag doesn’t already have wheels, simply attach it to this cart and pull it around like wheeled luggage.

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The handle extends up to 36.5 inches high, allowing you to stack at least one more bag on top. Since the base plate is a bit small, however, you might encounter stability issues unless you’re a loading/stacking genius. Also, this cart is designed with the Ultimaxx Pro series bags in mind, so you might want to check those out too.

Check it out on Amazon

FCH Folding Hand Truck Aluminum Portable Folding Hand Cart 165lbs Capacity Hand Cart and Dolly

Want a little more personality for your luggage cart? The FCH line of carts comes in four different colors: black, blue, purple and red. With a maximum capacity of 165 pounds, the cart can carry most types of travel luggage, and then some.

FCH’s folding system is pretty straightforward. If you want to use the cart, push the wheels outwards and the base plate downwards; otherwise, fold them in the opposite direction. When extended, the handle can reach up to 39.37 inches — meaning you can fit a couple of standard-sized bags, or one long bag/box, at a time.

Check it out on Amazon


Whether you’re tired of figuring out the law of physics that allows you to carry four large bags at a time, or you’re simply unable to carry heavy luggage due to health reasons (e.g. muscle pain, back injury), a luggage cart can be a great help. You only have to pack your bags onto it the way you’d pack your stuff into your bags, and you’re all set.

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And if you’re careful to choose the right luggage cart for your needs, you can be sure your future trips will be relatively hassle-free.

What are your thoughts on luggage carts? Any recommendations other than the ones we gave above? Let us know in the comments!

9 Of The Best Wheeled Backpacks for Travel for 2020

man standing with backpack Best Wheeled Backpack

Backpacks are great, for the most part.

They’re big enough to pack your stuff, soft enough to store even more stuff, and usually have enough compartments to keep your things organized.

There’s just one problem: They’re heavy. Really heavy.

Now, weight isn’t a problem by itself. Lugging around a few pounds (within airline limits, of course) is part and parcel of being a traveler.

Thing is, all that weight is concentrated on your back.

And if you’re not careful, your backpack could cause health problems such as back pain, muscle strain and poor posture.

Fortunately, you can use wheeled backpacks instead.

As their name suggests, wheeled backpacks don’t have to be carried around all the time. You can simply put them down and let the wheels carry all the extra weight for you.

But, being the discerning traveler that you are, you don’t want just any wheeled backpack. You want one that will last more than a few trips, if not a few years.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some tips on how to choose the best backpack with wheels for travel.

How to Shop for Wheeled Backpacks

1. Choose the right volume.

Unlike luggage sizes, backpack sizes aren’t measured in inches. Instead, they’re measured in liters (L). If the word “liters” brings liquids to mind, think of 1 liter as equivalent to 61 cubic inches. In other words, if you multiply a backpacks’s length, width and height in inches, and divide it by 61, you can get a rough measure of its volume in liters.

Generally, backpack volumes are categorized as follows:

Daypacks (approximately 10L to 30L)

Daypacks are the smallest backpack size, and are the most suitable as carry-ons. They’re able to carry most essentials, plus a few extras for overnight trips.

Weekend Backpacks (approximately 30L to 50L)

True to their name, these backpacks are suitable for a couple of days worth of trips.

Airlines usually allow 35L to 45L backpacks as carry-ons. Sometimes, you’ll see bags 46L and above marketed as “carry-ons”; however, there’s a good chance they’re too big qualify as such.

Multi-Day Backpacks (approximately 50L to 70L)  

If you don’t mind checking in some of your bags, a multi-day backpack will serve you well. With their 50L to 70L capacity, these bags can be used for up to a week’s worth of trips.

Expedition Backpacks (approximately 70L and above)

If you prefer a heavy-duty wheeled backpack, you can find bags up to 110 liters or even higher. You probably won’t need that much space though — unless you’re having the equivalent of a 5-night-or-more mountaineering trip.

Keep in mind that backpack manufacturers aren’t always consistent when designating volumes. For example, a 45L bag for one manufacturer may be 50L for another. If you’re not sure about the volume of your wheeled backpack, get a tape measure and double-check the bag’s dimensions for yourself.

2. Go ergonomic.

As mentioned earlier, carrying a heavy backpack for too long can harm your health. If you need to carry your backpack on your back, its weight should be evenly distributed, and your body should be as comfortable as it can be.

Look for padded straps to protect your shoulders. Check the fit of the waist belt and chest strap. Make sure the straps don’t dig too deeply into your skin when the backpack’s at full capacity.

3. Check the wheels.

If possible, give the wheels a test roll. Roll them through a straight line, then round and round. The wheels should slide smoothly on the floor, and not make any unpleasant creaking sounds. They shouldn’t feel like they’ll fall off any moment, or that they’ll break if they hit an obstacle.

4. Check the zippers.

Open and close the zippers the way you normally would. Like the wheels, the zippers should slide smoothly along the teeth, and not get stuck so easily.

You’ll also want to minimize the backpack’s outer zippers. Not only will too many zippers make your bag more vulnerable to thieves, but you’ll also have to buy too many TSA locks — which will hold up the line at the airport for way longer than you’d like.

5. Check the handles.

Chances are, you’re going to hand-carry your backpack every now and then, so it’s important for the handles to be durable.

Aside from the main backpack’s handles, check the pullout handle as well. Does it slide effortlessly in and out of its compartment? Or does it rattle, creak and/or feel uncomfortable when in use?

6. Go for quality over price.

In a perfect world, you can get great quality for a budget-friendly price. In the real world, that’s rarely the case — and backpacks are no different.

If you have to choose between quality and price, quality is the way to go. It’ll be a little painful on the wallet at first, but if your backpack meets all your needs and lasts for at least a few years, the extra cost is worth it.

Best Backpacks with Wheels for Travel in 2020

1. Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage, 28-Inch/80-Liter

Don’t let the 80L capacity put you off. Although it’s far above the allowable limits for a carry-on, the Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Luggage makes up for its bulk with its durability, storage capacity and convertibility.

This backpack can be tugged along Europe’s cobblestone roads without the wheels breaking or falling off. You can also convert it into a hiking backpack using the full mesh suspension system. Best of all, Osprey offers an “All Mighty Guarantee” that gives you repairs for “any damage or defect for any reason free of charge — whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday.”

Check it out on Amazon

2. Eagle Creek Exploration Series Switchback International Carry On Asphalt Black

At approximately 40L, this bag is just the right size to be a carry-on, with a little room to spare for souvenirs. It has a special sleeve for your laptop and tablet, and has front koala carry clips to attach your daypack to the backpack. If you’re a hiker going on an overnight trip, the backpack’s safety whistle is going to come in handy.

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The one downside to this bag is it only comes in one color and size. Asphalt black may not be your favorite color, and you might be looking for something larger or smaller than 40L. Otherwise, this Eagle Creek backpack is a solid choice.

Check it out on Amazon

3. High Sierra Volusia 22” Carry-On Upright Wheeled Duffel

Converting the 22 x 9 x 14 dimensions into liters, you’ll get about 45L — which is the current maximum allowable size for a carry-on. That means you can fill up this bag with all your essentials without worrying about going over airline limits.

When converting a wheeled bag into a backpack, you may be concerned about the wheels digging into your back. Luckily, the High Sierra Volusia 22 solves this via a pair of protective flaps. Also, if you don’t need the backpack straps for any reason, you can tuck them away in a zippered panel.

Check it out on Amazon

4. Rolling Backpack, Matein Waterproof Travel Wheeled Laptop Backpack for Women Men

The Matein rolling backpack’s 38L capacity makes it a decent carry-on for the average traveler. However, it’s mostly designed with globetrotting businessmen and college students in mind.

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This bag can fit a laptop up to 15 inches, and has an organizer compartment for papers, notebooks and supplies. Additionally, the mesh water bottle pockets at the sides keep your refreshments within reach, and there’s a Velcro pocket at the back for your hand or face towel. If you often travel through rainy weather, the water-resistant bottom panel might give you some peace of mind.

Check it out on Amazon

5. Tocode Fashion Laptop Backpack

Need to charge your phone on the fly? The Tocode Fashion Laptop Backpack has an external micro-USB port and standard charging cable that lets you power up your phone within a safe distance from your backpack. The backpack doesn’t come up with a power bank though, so you’ll have to buy that one separately.

Also, this 35L bag can accommodate laptops up to 17.3 inches in length, on top of your other gadgets and essentials. With five different colors (Grey, Red, Black I, Black S, Black Update), you can easily customize this bag according to your personal preferences.

Check it out on Amazon

6. TUMI – Merge Wheeled Backpack – 15 Inch Laptop Carry-On Rolling Bag for Men and Women

For lightweight travel, TUMI’s 36L merge wheeled backpack is a good option. It’s big enough to hold what you need, and has just enough compartments to keep your things organized.

If you have a laptop and iPad, the TUMI merge wheeled backpack has pockets specially made for them. In addition, the bag has a retractable fabric panel to cover the wheels when you’re using it as a backpack, and special pockets for the straps if you’re pulling it around on wheels. Because the backpack has waterproof lining, you don’t have to worry too much about messy cleanups due to spillage.

Check it out on Amazon

7. Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

The problem with uniformly-sized bags is that you can’t use them for every trip. What if you need to travel light for one trip, and heavy for another? One solution is the Hypath 2-in-1 convertible bag.

At 45L, both bags are at the maximum allowable size for a carry-on. For quick trips, you can use just the backpack or the wheeled carry-on; for longer trips, you can stack the two bags on top of each other. The wheel base is rigid enough to minimize the chance of tipping over, and the wheels are durable enough not to break even over rough surfaces.

Check it out on Amazon

8. Olympia Cascade 20″ Outdoor Upright Carry-on W/Hideaway Backpack Straps

At its normal dimensions (8.5 x 15 x 20 or 42L), the Olympia Cascade carry-on falls within the allowable limits. However, if you make use of the extra 2 inches of expandable space, it balloons to 10.5 x 15 x 20 or 52L. If you prefer to use this bag as a carry-on, it might be a good idea not to overstuff it.

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Otherwise, this is a pretty good backpack. The shoulder straps come with their own harness straps, ensuring that the bag stays safe and secure on your back. The wheels have protective housing that lessens breakage, and you can choose between a green or blue bag.

Check it out on Amazon

9. Osprey Packs Meridian 60L/22 Wheeled Luggage

Most backpacks with wheels don’t allow you to separate the two. Not Osprey’s 60L wheeled luggage: If you’re off to a trip where wheels would be impractical (like a mountaineering expedition), simply detach the daypack and use it like a normal backpack.

Of course, this backpack has other neat features. The ID card window helps you pick out the bag from the luggage carousel, while the whistle on the adjustable sternum strap is perfect for emergency situations (e.g. when you get lost in the mountains, or when you’re being attacked by a would-be thief).

Check it out on Amazon

To Backpack or Not to Backpack

Granted, backpacks aren’t for everyone. People with back problems may take issue with them, as will young kids and seniors. Also, unless you’re getting the expedition variety, plenty of other bags are sturdier than backpacks.

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Still, if you’re taking a trip that’s only a week or so, backpacks aren’t a bad choice. You can carry them on your back, by your hand, or (if you’re using the wheeled variety) drag them along via a pullout handle. They’re usually made of soft materials, allowing you to fit all your essentials plus souvenirs, and keeping you comfortable when the bag is pressed against your skin.

What are your thoughts on wheeled backpacks, and backpacks in general? Give us your two cents in the comments section, or holler at us via social media.

7 of the Best Drone Backpacks

man holding drone Best Drone Backpacks

If you have just entered the wonderful world of droning, then congratulations, you are about to have a very good time indeed. But you will soon realise you are going to need something to safely move that expensive bit of technology around with you.

And as you know, there is something for everything nowadays – it is no different for your drone – so we have compiled a list of 7 of the best drone backpacks of 2019, to give you a little nudge in the right direction.

How to choose the right one

First things first. You buy your backpack for your drone. Do not buy a backpack and then expect the drone that you purchased to fit it perfectly. Drones come in all different shapes, sizes and weights, and so backpacks tend to be designed with certain drones in mind.

Some backpacks are designed specifically for one single model of drone from one manufacturer, so if other drones happen to fit these bags, it is only by chance. Carefully read the labels or product descriptions to determine whether or not the backpack has been specifically designed with your model in mind. This will ensure perfect fits, enabling you to carry more gear while being assured that your drone is not moving around inside your backpack.

Do I need a multipurpose pack?

If you are a professional photographer, or even an aspiring amateur, then you may need to carry around your DSLR camera, as well as your drone and other essential photography items.

You are going to need slots for your spare lenses, cool little square pockets for your memory cards and spare batteries, and a place to strap that tripod comfortably to the outside of your pack. If this is the case, then I would suggest beginning with Lowepro’s range of products. The company sprung up from Colorado in 1967 and have been making exceptional quality photography equipment ever since.

If you are a traveling professional, then look for the backpacks that have slots for your laptop, tablet and other on-the-road office essentials.

Where are you flying that thing?

This is an important one, because different backpacks come with varying levels of carrying comfort, and you should choose your pack accordingly. If you plan to carry that thing on a 12-hour dawn-to-dusk hike, then choose a backpack with comfortably padded shoulder straps, or at least something that looks like it should be on an outdoor trail.

Other packs offer a variety of different carrying techniques, such as the traditional laptop case, or a cross body setup, which will work great around town, or if you just plan to park the car, sit the pack on the trunk and fly from there.

Need a bigger bag?

A lot of the bigger brands feature a size range for their different models, so carefully work out how big your pack needs to be. The Lowepro DroneGuard range, for instance, begins with a tiny 6-liter capacity bag in the BP 200 model, but the PRO 450 model in the same series expands to nearly three times that size.

There is not a whole lot more annoying than having to jam your bag shut every single day, severely decreasing the life expectancy of your brand-new toy.

These are 7 of the Best Drone Backpacks:

Smatree Phantom 4 Backpack

As the name suggests, this backpack was designed with the Phantom 4 in mind. The large main compartment protects the original styrofoam casing that this drone comes in. It is an awesome feature because you know your Phantom 4 is not going to move an inch.

The well-placed pocket at the top has padded spots for 4 spare batteries, while there will still be room to hold your 9.7” tablet. The backpack has plenty of space to put your propellers, and has extra compartments dotted around the place for all those little things that you will inevitably need when you are out droning.

  • Everything a DJI Phantom 4 connoisseur could ask for.
  • Many reports of seams coming unstitched after little usage
  • Requires manufacturers original packaging (if you threw it away already, tough luck!)
  • Not laptop compatible
  • Not DSLR compatible.

Vanguard Alta Sky 49 Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

This backpack from Vanguard is a strong, safe, tech-carrying workhorse, reflected in the fact that it weighs in at 5.69 pounds, which puts it firmly on the heavier side. So please take that into account if you are planning to fly your drone from the top of a mountain. It may end up being too hard to drag it up there.

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That being said, it has room for your 14-inch laptop or tablet, it will fit your drone (certain types only) and DSLR camera and your lenses and spare batteries and charging cables and propellers and control panels and kitchen sink. It is a spacious and tough travel accessory.

  • More space and compartments than you can poke a stick at
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Main storage flap does not stay open by itself
  • Heavy, not ideal for hiking/ trekking.

DJI Original Phantom Backpack

If you are a bit of a DJI freak, then why not just skip the middleman and go right for one of their backpacks as well, like this Original Phantom, which has been designed especially for DJI’s quadcopter range. And yes, although it was only designed for the models as late as the Phantom 3, it will also comfortably accommodate your Phantom 4 as well.

The pack comes with the ability to hold your drone, flight controller, range extender, five spare batteries, the charger, as well as a slot for your laptop, up to 15” in size. You can thank DJI for making this backpack water resistant, and for then throwing in a waterproof cover as well. Because we hate a wet drone, don’t we?

  • Versatile for the DJI range
  • Many useful pockets
  • Comfortable straps for hiking.
  • A little less padding than some of the other packs.

Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AWHapTim Multi-Function Diaper Bag Backpack

Are you the minimalist explorer or that ultralight backpacker? That person who only needs that one single lens on their compact DSLR to go with their little DJI Mavic Pro? Then I might have the pack for you. Enter the Lowepro Slingshot.

It is an ultralight-weight backpack at just 1.54 pounds, and has an easy-access side entry pocket to get to your drone quickly, when you need it the most. There is a thoughtful front pocket to easily stash or find your smartphone, and typically comfortable straps that are well padded, making this an excellent outdoors companion.

Just bear in mind that this is one small backpack. It is even smaller than it looks in the photos, so if you need something with more room, buy something bigger!

  • High quality backpack, well designed.
  • Small, small, small.
  • Only fits compact DSLR cameras
  • Only for the Mavic Pro and Pro Platinum

Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250

The DroneGuard range comes in a number of sizes, but we are looking at the BP 250, a little less than 3 pounds in weight and with a carrying capacity of just 10 litres. It puts this into the smaller, lighter category than most of the packs that we feature, and is ideal for smaller drones and for people looking to seriously cut down on the extra pounds.

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That being said, it is a Lowepro. So, of course, it is ridiculously well designed, with their typical flexible dividers than allow you to essentially tailor your own compartment to whatever you happen to be carrying at the time. I am an avid photographer and will not go anywhere for a photography shoot without my Lowepro backpack.

  • Lightweight
  • Hard shell for extra protection
  • Can carry 15” laptop AND a 10” tablet
  • Consider a larger pack in the range for larger drones.

Manfrotto MB BP-D1Sensyne Multi-Function Waterproof Nursing Backpack

From Manfrotto comes this professional series video equipment carrying bag, with a full black exterior and two bright red seams that shoot vertically up the bag. I love the spacious and well protected top pocket, designed specifically for your DSLR camera, and sitting in the most easy-to-reach of places.

You can sneak your laptop in an external pocket and it will sit safely behind your back, while the roomy main compartment will comfortably fit the DJI Phantom range. The coolest thing about this backpack, however, is that you can extend the front pocket, enabling you to carry your drone safely around on the outside of the pack without having to take everything apart again.

  • You can carry your drone in many different ways
  • Switch from drone to DLSR photography with ease
  • It only comfortably houses one lens when you are carrying all of your drone equipment
  • Not designed to work with Phantom 4 (although you can make it work)
  • Small laptop space

Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack

There is so much to like about the M1 from Lykus, so let’s get to it! This lightweight 3.2-pound pack can be carried in 4 different ways: as a backpack, case, shoulder bag or a cross-body bag.

It features a side water bottle holder and a front pocket for all those extra bits and pieces, while the main compartment is designed to fit a huge range of drones, from the Mavic all the way through to the Phantom 4. The straps are comfortable and it comes with an enclosed waterproof cover.

The interior compartments are foam and removable, and therefore similar to a Lowepro pack in that you can redesign the interior according to your requirements.

  • Can fit huge range of drones
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight and great for hiking
  • Tablet/ iPad compatible
  • Small – so can be used for a camera, or drone, but not both
  • Not laptop compatible.


When talking about diaper backpacks, there are more than a few factors to consider when choosing the most suitable one for yourself and your little one.

Aspects such as available space, portability, affordability of the products, as well as any additional features it provides can greatly impact the overall quality of the bag.

Out of the 4 diaper backpacks we reviewed today, we’ve found that Bag Nation’s Diaper Bag Backpack meets all the requirements in terms of value, variety and convenience.

The users agreed that the backpack is compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t lack in storage availability. People were also pleased with the complimentary sundry bag and changing mat that are included in the purchase.

Aside from some quality issues relating to an old batch of products, most users recognized the overall value this backpack provides, as well as the plethora of handy features included in the purchase.

Bag Nation’s Diaper Bag Backpack also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty which is another aspect that made users choose this product over the rest.

Best for DJI Phantom range:   DJI Original Phantom Backpack

Best for DJI Mavic range:          Lowepro Slingshot Edge 250 AW

Best for pro photographer:     Lowepro DroneGuard range

Best all-round backpack:          Manfrotto MB BP-D1

9 of the Best Pieces of Underseat Carry On Luggage for 2020

Passengers sitting on airplance Best Underseat Luggage

Are you as tired as I was of that impenetrable ring of people around the baggage carousel, making it near impossible to reclaim your bags?

Or the extra hassle at check-in time, the longer waits and the dramas that come when your luggage is overweight? Or oversized? And do not even get me started on luggage going missing!

Fortunately, there is a solution. We have dug to the darkest corners of the underseat luggage world to bring you 9 of the best carry on cases that will revolutionize your short-travel experience.

No overhead space? No problem

Gone will be the days where rolling up late to a fully-booked flight will be an issue. You arrive, only to find every overhead bin full. You know, except for that space right down the back. Grab a seat my friend. And slide that bag comfortably in front of you.

Keep your stuff safe

If someone manages to steal your case from right under your feet, well, frankly, I think they deserve it. Just kidding. Mostly. But seriously, where safer to keep your personal belongings, than right in front of you at all times?

Which case should I choose?

As with all things luggage, different underseat cases share only one certain thing in common, and that is their dimensions ensuring they fit under the seat in front. However, their uses from there are far ranging. You can use these priorities below to help pick the perfect case for you:

  • Ease to use. – if you need something that is going to be easy to drag around with you, then prioritize a case with 4 sliding wheels, giving you 360-degree manoeuvrability.
  • Take more stuff – there are a lot of cases out there that lose a lot of space with fancy compartments and pockets everywhere. If you need to take more things for a longer time away, then choose an item with a larger internal volume.
  • Traveling for business – there are some exceptional cases out there geared toward the traveling professional, featuring super cool features like USB charging points and padded places for your laptops and tablets and anything else you could need for a mobile office. There is normally still space for your toothbrush as well.
  • How tough is it? ­– If you are going to be taking fragile items with you, look for a case with a harder shell. Look at the different types of materials used to make them. Nylon is tougher than polyester, while polyester is faster-drying than nylon.
  • Wanna look cool? – I am going to go ahead and do something I don’t normally do, and mention a product straight off the bat. The Wilwood’s Lily Bloom range could be an excellent choice for the trend-setters among you, because not only do they get a great big tick of approval for using recycled plastic in their fabric, their design range is also diverse and funky.

Do not book an emergency exit seat

This is surprisingly not that obvious, but you know the first thing that will happen when you are proudly testing out your new underseat luggage in an emergency exit seat? You will be told to put it up top. And because you are now the last to have your luggage stored, you naturally get the worst spot as well.

So without further ado, here are the cases, in no particular order:

Here are 9 of the Best Pieces of Underseat Carry On Luggage:

Travelon Wheeled Underseat Carry On

This thoughtful and compact two-wheeled bag from Travelon also comes with its very own backup bag, that sits nicely over the handles when you are dragging it along. You know, just in case you need a little extra room.

The front pocket is large and flat enough to house your Ipad or tablet, while the inner compartment is spacious enough for that weekend trip away. Coming in five different colors, the case features a long external pouch for your water bottle or coffee flask, and of course has a comfortable handle for when you hit those stairs

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AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage

If you are the type of person that does not like to show off, and are not flashy in any way, shape or form; then this case from AmazonBasics could be what you need. The clue is in the name! With a large main compartment and front and side pockets, this underseat case is tough, well-built and basic.

It also comes in five different colors to choose from, although the designers have included a quilted fabric option to go along with the standard. Four zipped inner pockets make it easy to compartmentalize your belongings.

The handle locks into place in both the extended and retracted positions, while the smooth-rolling wheels make this an easy case to wheel around with you.

Check it out on Amazon

Wilwoods Lily Bloom Underseat Bag

Undoubtedly designed more for the feminine travelers out there, there is so much to like about the Lily Bloom range from Wilwoods.

There are nine different groovy patterns to choose from, while it is hard to ignore the fact that you are entering into the world of sustainable fashion, with the signature fabric of the bag being created from recycled plastic bottles. Look amazing and feel amazing knowing you are contributing to a good cause with this piece of traveling art.

The case is exceptionally lightweight for all you dainty travelers out there, while the interior comes with a large, clear-plastic pocket, perfect for separating your makeup and toiletries, while still being so very easy to find.

Check it out on Amazon

Samsonite Spinner Underseater

You can pretty much guarantee that because Samsonite made this case, it is a good case, so wait, let me check. Yep, they’ve done it again.

It was quite bold to stick four wheels on the bottom of such a small case and call it a spinner, but they have done such a good job of it with this zippy little stuff holder. The multidirectional spinner wheels perform superbly, making that bag 360-degree mobile.

They have also included a USB charging port on the top of the bag, although you will have to install your own power bank. The front pocket features pen slots, credit card holders, a useful place to sit your passport and tickets, while the inner compartment houses a special place for both a laptop and a tablet. It also has an internal bag length mesh pocket. I could go on for days. This really is an awesome bit of travel gear.

Check it out on Amazon

American Tourister Lynnwood

Also going down the line of four multidirectional spinning wheels, this five-color spinner features a handy front pocket for travel document storage.

Where the American Tourister lacks in outright features, it makes up for in its does-what-it-says-on-the-tin attitude. It is a good bag, well made. And to prove it, the manufacturers have slapped a 10-year warranty on the product against defects in materials and workmanship.

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That is a whole lot of peace of mind for what is a cost-effective product, and a good choice for those seeking a simple and reliable bag.

Check it out on Amazon

TUMI Voyageur Compact

The people at TUMI have curiously marketed this underseat case just towards the women of this world, when we think it should really be in the unisex category. Maybe it is because men would be less inclined to fork out the dollars to own what is a beautiful-yet-not-too-affordable traveling accessory.

The bag comes with layered compartments for storing different types of items separately, while the laptop case is large enough for anything in the 14-inch range. It also features a Tumi Tracer – a unique barcode and identifier number that helps unite owners with their lost or stolen luggage.

Check it out on Amazon

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite 5

The wheels on this Travelpro look good enough to take off and fit on your car, which gives this case a beautiful, elegant gliding system. We love that the polyester fabric is stain resistant, while they have coated the bag in water-repellent duraguard for that extra bit of protection.

It features a padded tablet or laptop sleeve and a useful removable wet plastic pocket for toiletries. It just makes things so much easier. Arrive, hang your stuff up, clip it back in and grab your flight. This case also comes with its own fair share of internal pockets for that organizational ease.

Check it out on Amazon

Briggs & Riley Baseline Rolling Cabin

The key selling point of this luxury-range product is the high quality of engineering that firmly attaches the handle to the exterior, leaving you with a lot more room inside for packing. It also squares up the inside of the case, making packing oh so easier.

The nylon exterior of the Briggs & Riley bag gives it added durability while the u-shaped external pocket is unbelievably spacious, so you do not have to jam everything in. Yes, folks, space. This is one roomy bag. You will not believe how much stuff you can shove under that seat in front of you!

It is an excellent choice for those going away for a longer period of time, but still do not have time for that checking-baggage-in nonsense.

Check it out on Amazon

The Raphael by TPRC

As with Samsonite, the people at TPRC have their minds firmly focused on the future, with a USB charging port available on the side of the case. Of course, you will have to provide your own power bank, but it is just such a useful feature that it is almost hard to believe that not everyone is doing it. Surely it is just a matter of time.

It has front pockets and side pockets and interior pockets – essentially everything you need in a bag. It is also the most affordable item on the list, and is ideal for those on a tight budget.

Check it out on Amazon


You probably haven’t quite finished wiping my drool off the Samsonite Spinner Underseater yet, and that is why it is my pick as the best all-round underseater carry-on luggage case of 2020. It is not just about the thoughtfully-placed USB charging port, or the larger-than average pocket sizes, or the four wheels that glide in perfect harmony, but about the combination of it all. You open this case and it still feels roomy.

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It is sleek and comes in colors as diverse as an obvious-pink, so there is little need to worry if you want to stand out from the crowd as well. So, as I mentioned earlier, when choosing an underseat case we need to look for its ease of use, how much stuff it can take, its suitability for business, a case’s durability and also for how it looks aesthetically.

And the Samsonite Spinner Underseater ticks all those boxes comfortably.

8 of the Best Portable Travel Blenders for 2020

Best Portable Travel Blenders

Do you love both traveling and blending stuff up? Are you a gym-goer, a time-saver or a nutrient ninja? If so, then you may be surprised to know just how easy and affordable it is to take your blending experience on the road with you. If you are looking for the best travel blender of 2020, then read on, you have come to the right place.

What is a travel blender?

The chunkiest blender that we feature weighs in at a feather-light 2.2 pounds, and is the heaviest product that we would consider in the travel category. Normally they are battery operated and fully rechargeable, however we do feature one corded blender in this list because it is light and comes with a well-designed travel cup.

Where can I take it?

Anywhere you like! The lightest blender is about one pound, making it an easy addition to any trip where ounce-counting is important. Think multi-day hikes, back-country backpacking, ultra-marathons and long-distance cycling. We have blenders that will sit near-silently on your desk at work and blenders that will better suit the gym junkies.

How to choose the best one for you?

It depends on what you want it for. Hikers should look for something light. People with cycling commutes or who want to drink smoothies while driving should choose blenders that have detachable cups that are suitably-sized for their needs. Those looking to take their blenders camping or to remote locations with limited charging options should consider the ones with the largest battery capacities.

Often people are left disappointed by the size of travel blenders, not realising they only blend enough for one or two people at a time. If you are after a larger volume travel blender, make this your priority. If you need to mix a 15-ounce post-gym smoothie, then a 10-ounce blender simply will not cut it.

Different blenders offer different things

If you really cannot stand doing dishes, then choose one of the blenders that we have identified as waterproof and being easy to clean. If you want to crush ice and frozen fruits and vegetables, then you will need to pick one of the more powerful machines on the market.

We feature two travel blenders that double as USB rechargeable battery packs for emergency phone or gadget charging. If you want a blender solely for juices, then consider one of the products that come with a strainer so that you can get rid of the bits. Whatever your needs, we have a little something for everyone.

These are 8 of the Best Portable Travel Blenders:

1. DOUHE Cordless Mini 

What better way to start the round-up than by featuring the lightest portable blender on the list? Everything about this blender screams take me with you, and the design is just so clever that it isn’t even funny.

The blades are hidden in the lid compartment, so load the cup with goodness, throw the lid on, double click, turn upside down, and presto! A short 40 seconds later your juice or smoothie will be ready.

We love the magnetic connector that enables the easiest of charging procedures, while keeping this device completely waterproof. Cleaning just became a whole lot easier.

  • Charges quickly
  • Completely waterproof
  • Easy to clean.
  • The capacity of the cup is a little too small
  • The small battery capacity means you have to charge more often.
  • Only makes 10 cups of juice per charge.


Battery Capacity: 1400 mAh

Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.7 x 3.4 inches

Volume: 10 oz

Weight:1.25 lb

2. PopBabies Personal Blender

Do not let the name fool you, this travel blender by PopBabies is the equal-largest we feature. The handled cup encloses the blades, making it almost impossible to hurt yourself on them, while it remains a perfectly good travel cup.

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The 20-second blending time is rapid, and it is useful that the blender can still be used while charging. The cup is shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe, while the powerful 4000 mAh battery will keep those blades spinning for days.

The blender also comes with a handy ice-cube tray, scoop and funnel.

  • Fast blending time
  • Easy-to-carry travel cup
  • Safe and well-designed
  • The seal can wear away at the bottom of the cup, limiting life expectancy in some cases
  • If fruit is not cut to small dimensions the blades will not rotate.


Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh

Dimensions: 10.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches

Volume: 17 oz

Weight: 1.8 lbs

3. OBERLY Smoothie Juicer

As with the PopBabies Blender above, this smoothie juicer from OBERLY is another device on the larger size, allowing you to blend up to 17 ounces of goo in one go. So, it is probably just big enough to make a drink for two people at once. It is great if you want to share, or just need that bigger portion yourself.

It comes with a useful rubber carrying loop joined to the cover, while a removable filter allows you to get rid of the bits if you prefer to have your juice without the chunks.

  • Rapid charging time
  • Comes with an ice tray
  • Charges in only 2-3 hours
  • 90-second blending time is a little slow compared with other blenders
  • Only makes 10-12 cups between charges


Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 3 inches

Volume: 17 oz

Blender weight: 1.8 lbs

4. Chefavor Personal Blender

The guys at Chefavor have done something pretty cool with their travel blender. If you do not feel like blending, and would rather use it as a portable battery charger instead, then that is an option for you. By placing a charging port on their blender, this is now a 2-in-1 device.

It is a little more expensive than some other blenders, but it is a quality bit of gear and you will get what you pay for. While it may not be the ideal choice for you ultralight backpacking types, it certainly makes for a very handy travel, office, gym or camping companion, and gets its blending done within 40 seconds.

  • High quality blender
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Waterproof
  • It is relatively heavy
  • The glass material makes this a more fragile product
  • Expensive


Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

Dimensions: 7.2 x 3.7 x 3.4 inches

Volume: 15 oz

Weight: 1.25 lbs

5. Hamilton Beach Personal Smoothie Blender

It is time to address the elephant in the room. Sitting in the corner trying to hide its power cord is this product from Hamilton Beach, making this list because of the excellent travel cup blending chamber that comes with it. You will have to blend your stuff before going out, but will be happy to have this cup with you when you do.

Blend, remove the cup and hit the road. It is the perfect choice for the busy working professional that has not the time in the morning to worry about something as trivial as doing dishes.

  • Could be the best travel cup in this list
  • Easy to clean
  • Different colors to choose from (black, white, red, blue and raspberry)
  • Needs a power source to operate


Battery Capacity: N/A

Dimensions: 11.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 inches

Volume: 14 oz

Weight: 1 lb

6. YouJiaBest Portable Blender

At 2.2 pounds, this glass blender is the heaviest on the list, and so you can probably cross it off from your hiking inventory, but it is a perfectly good choice for gym-goers, travelers and everyday blender users out there.

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It has the equal second-largest battery capacity of the blenders on this list, and as with the Chefavor Personal Blender, this is a 2-in-1 blender/ battery charger combo, and with 4000 mAh to play with, you will not run out of charge anytime soon.

The detachable cup also comes with a strainer for anyone just wanting the juice.

  • Excellent battery life
  • Protection against short-circuits
  • Protection against low-voltage and over-temperature
  • Fully mobile travel cup
  • The heaviest blender that we feature


Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh

Dimensions: 11.8 x 3.7 x 3.7

Volume: 14 oz

Weight: 2.2 lbs

7. MOICO Personal Blender

It will only take three hours to charge the huge capacity 4000 mAh battery, that will have enough juice to make you 15-20 cups of juice. See what I did there?

Coming in either orange, pink or white, this light-weight blender is completely waterproof, making that cleaning process so much easier.

Thickened high borosilicate glass not only makes this a strong bit of tech, it also allows the blender to withstand temperatures of up to 302℉, making it an awesome culinary companion for all you chefs out there.

  • Outstanding battery life
  • Can blend high temperature substances
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a book of juice recipes
  • Silicone surfaces stops blender creep
  • Detachable travel cup
  • A little more volume would have been nice.


Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh

Dimensions: 9.8 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches

Volume: 13 oz

Weight: 1.7 lbs

8. Kacsoo S610 Personal Glass Smoothie Blender

Spoiler Alert: Have we saved the best for last with this beast from Kacsoo?  Possibly. Quite possibly. With larger battery capacities come more expensive price tags, and so it goes with this glass blender from Kacsoo, the 5200 mAh battery being the largest we feature in this list. It is ideal for those going places without any power to charge your gear, and will run longer on average than the other blenders.

It does mean the inevitable longer charging times, but this blender more than makes up for that with a remarkably-quick 20-second blending time. It is another glass product, so bear that in mind before taking it anywhere extreme.

  • Large battery capacity
  • Very quiet
  • Rapid blending time
  • Can struggle to blend ice


Battery Capacity: 5200 mAh

Dimensions: 9.4 x 3 x 3 inches

Volume: 15 oz

Weight: 1.65 lbs


Yeah okay, so I spoiled it already. Coming in both a manly matte-coffee color, and a not-too-girly pink, the Kacsoo S610 is my choice for the best travel blender of 2020. For whatever reason you choose to take a blender with you when you leave home, the S610 has you covered.

The larger-than-standard-sized 5200 mAh battery keeps this blender going for longer when you are away from civilization, while the 20-second blending time is as fast as any other product on the market. It can be cleaned by simply adding water and blending, while the one button and limited functions make this an exceptionally easy device to use.

10 of the Best Men’s Leather Backpacks for 2019

A men’s leather backpack is not a mere fashion accessory – it’s an essential part of every traveler’s gear.

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you some of the best leather backpacks available. Made from cowhide and calfskin to premium Colombian leather, these ten backpacks just might be the gear you need to consider for your next adventure.

What’s the Best Type of Leather for Backpacks?

While there are numerous types of animal leather available, when it comes to backpacks and other similar goods, cattle leather is the most common and popular type of leather. 
Cattle hide is durable and tough, as well as comfortable and resistant to external factors, making it an ideal choice for backpacks, handbags, and shoes.
However, when thinking about leather quality, there are different leather grades to consider:

  • Full-Grain Leather
  • Top-Grain Leather
  • Corrected-Grain Leather
  • Genuine Leather

Of these four types, full-grain leather is the highest quality and considered the most desirable choice for leather products.

What are the Advantages of Leather Backpacks?

Leather is considered a fashion classic. It’s simple, elegant, and it will never go out of style. Of course, there’s much more to leather than just flair.

Compared with other fabrics, this time-honored material exceeds all in the durability department.

Products made from authentic leather are considered the highest quality and are stronger, tougher, and more durable than other types of materials.

Real leather is extremely resistant to abrasion and wind, which is why many people opt for leather products instead of synthetic ones.

A leather backpack is immune to mildew, fungi, as well as tearing. If treated with a protective finish, leather can be fire and water resistant as well, which is another plus for long-term travelers.

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Leather is a natural material and provides good breathability while also being eco-friendly.

The process of making leather is completely natural and doesn’t pollute the environment. The end product is biodegradable, unlike most synthetic materials.

Leather Backpack Maintenance

If you want to preserve all the best qualities of leather and keep your backpack for years to come, it’s crucial to maintain it on a regular basis.

Keep in mind is that leather is susceptible to absorbing grease and oils. That’s why it’s important to handle your leather backpack with clean hands and to wipe it with a dry cloth at least once a day.

The second aspect of leather care concerns conditioning.

Moisturizing your leather backpack with a leather conditioner prevents the leather from drying out, wrinkling, and cracking.

Depending on how frequently it’s used and in what climate, you can apply the conditioner every couple of months for optimal results.

Dry air speeds up the drying process, while high levels of humidity might slow it down, which is why it’s recommended to condition more frequently while traveling in arid climates.

When not carrying your backpack with you, make sure to store it properly. Stuff the backpack with bubble wrap or crumpled paper so it will retain its shape until your next excursion.

These are 10 of the Best Men’s Leather Backpacks:

1. BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack

Stylish, durable and extremely comfortable, this Canvas Vintage Backpack from BLUBOON has won the hearts of travelers from all around the globe.

The interior of the backpack is equipped with multiple small pockets for easy organization, as well as a velcro-secured pouch that can fit a 15” laptop.

The backpack is made from leather/canvas combo which is deemed extremely comfortable and durable. Another great thing about this backpack is the padded shoulder straps which can be adjusted to your preference.

  • Multiple Small Pockets
  • Big Laptop Pouch
  • Comfortable and Durable Materials
  • Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Versatile and Stylish
  • Good Capacity
  • Great Customer Service
  • Not Waterproof

2. Sharkborough The Entrepreneur Men’s Backpack

Made from full-grain calfskin leather, this backpack offers a minimalistic, sleek and professional look, fit for both business trips and casual outings. 

What we especially like about this bag is the amount of space it provides. With a laptop compartment, front, side and rear pockets, as well as zipper/flat pockets, The Entrepreneur can carry all your traveling essentials with ease.

The adjustable leather straps are easy on the shoulders, but the backpack also features a grab handle so you can give your back a rest when needed. 

  • Full-grain Calfskin
  • Great for Business Travel
  • Good Capacity
  • Side and Rear Pockets
  • Adjustable Leather Straps
  • Grab Handle
  • Minimalistic Design
  • No Trolley Strap

3. TUMI – Harrison Bates Laptop Backpack

Those looking for a luxurious-looking backpack that can carry all their gear in one place should consider the Harrison Bates Laptop Backpack for Men. 

The backpack is made from high-quality pebbled leather and it features a padded laptop compartment, 2 open pockets and 1 zip pocket in the front.

What really makes this backpack stand out are its external features. Equipped with a retractable leather top handle, a leather-wrapped and padded backpack straps and a hanging luggage tag, it excels in terms of functionality and commodity.

Of course, a backpack of such high quality does come with an equally high price tag, so if you’re window shopping on a budget, then you might want to consider a cheaper alternative.

  • High-Quality Pebbled Leather
  • Spacious and Comfortable
  • Retractable Top Handle
  • Padded Backpack Straps
  • Luggage Tag
  • Costly

4. SOLO Reade Vintage Columbian Leather Backpack

This compact yet practical backpack from SOLO makes for an ideal travel companion, be it a hiking excursion, a business trip or a one-day stroll around the city.

A full-grain, premium leather body with brass metal hardware make this Vintage Leather Backpack a superb choice for all your traveling needs. It’s highly durable and sturdy and, if maintained properly, it can last for a prolonged period of time.

Aside from an ample main compartment and a separate, padded laptop compartment, this backpack also has an organizer section for your passport, phone and other trinkets.

One downside to this bag is that it doesn’t have an additional trolley strap so it can’t be attached to another piece of luggage. Also, the interior is made of nylon which is not as durable as the rest of the backpack.

  • Full-grain Premium Leather
  • Brass Hardware
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Ample Main Compartment
  • Organizer Section
  • No Trolley Strap
  • Interior Made of Nylon
  • Only 1 Color Option

5. Briggs & Riley Leather Backpack

This modern Leather Backpack is convenient, supple and most importantly – super comfortable.

The bag is compact but still very spacious and offers plenty of storage solutions for just about any occasion. Multiple pockets of all sizes can fit all your belongings with ease and you will never have to resort to rummaging blindly to find your essentials. 

It also features a speed-through pocket, which allows you to store and withdraw your items in a matter of seconds.

  • Supple and Convenient
  • Compact yet Spacious
  • Multiple Organized Pockets
  • Monogrammable Leather Nameplate
  • Speed-through Pocket
  • Durable, Resistant Leather
  • Carry Handle
  • Nylon Lining
  • Costly
  • Only Available in Black

6. Kenneth Cole Reaction Business Backpack

A perfect fit for business-savvy travelers, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Business Backpack for Men is made from top-quality durable cowhide and is available in black, dark brown and cognac.

One feature that makes this backpack absolutely travel-friendly is the TSA-approved laptop compartment. Thanks to its EZ-scan feature, you don’t have to actually take your laptop out of its pouch when going through security!

The backpack is designed to be fully supportive and comfortable with ventilated padding, adjustable straps and an airflow back design, which allows for maximum breathability no matter how long you’re on the move. 

The grab handles and a convenient trolley tunnel it maneuverable and easy to handle.

The backpack is a bit bulky and weighs more than 3 lbs, which is considered to be one of its biggest flaws.

  • Durable Cowhide
  • TSA-approved Laptop Compartment
  • Airflow Back Design and Ventilated Padding
  • Grab Handles and Trolley Tunnel
  • Tear-resistant Interior
  • Padded Phone Pocket and Key Fob
  • Laptop and Tablet Friendly
  • Coil Zippers
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Bulky
  • No Water Bottle Pouch

7. SOLO Reade Vintage Leather Laptop Backpack

If you’re a full-time traveler and tend to carry your work with you at all times, then this well-organized backpack just might be the perfect fit for your vagabond lifestyle.

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It’s versatile and comfortable and can be used in just about any environment, be it a short excursion to the mountains or a lengthy camping trip in the woods.

Although sleek and stylish, the backpack is available only in black and is a bit smaller than other bags in the same category. 

  • Well-organized Compartments
  • Great for Long-term Travel
  • Versatile and Comfortable
  • Stylish and Sleek
  • Good Quality-to-Price Ratio
  • No Water Bottle Pouch
  • Available only in Black
  • Smaller Capacity

8. Texbo Laptop Backpack Travel Bag

Can’t make up your mind between a backpack and a duffel bag? The solution lies in this convertible Men’s Travel Bag by Texbo.

Designed from full-grain thick cowhide and accompanied by strong metal hardware, this leather backpack makes a perfect travel companion for extreme adventurers. The chunky zips and quality stitching just add to the overall quality of the backpack.

The backpack is pretty bulky, but as such also offers a huge capacity for all your travel essentials including clothes, books, trinkets and a laptop.

  • Well-organized Compartments
  • Full-grain Thick Cowhide
  • Durable and Strong Materials
  • Huge Capacity
  • Good for Extreme Conditions
  • Bulky
  • Slightly Heavy
  • No Trolley Strap

9. Tom Clovers Sports Bag

A backpack fit for an explorer, Tom Clovers’ Sports Bag is a great addition for your day-to-day adventures.

The backpack has long, adjustable shoulder straps so it can easily be adapted to your size and offers plenty of storage, despite its compactness.

It features plenty of easy-accessible pockets, as well as a removable strap so it can be carried as a messenger bag.

  • Compact
  • Unisex
  • Business-casual
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Convertible
  • Good Quality-to-Price Ratio
  • Smaller than Other Backpacks in the Same Category
  • Can’t Fit a Regular-Sized Laptop
  • Only Available in Glossy Brown

10. SUVOM Vintage Canvas Leather Travel Rucksack

Whether you’re planning a short business trip or a trip around the world, this backpack will provide just the right amount of space for all your belongings, no matter how big or small.

A combination of Crazy Horse leather and oil wax canvas makes this travel backpack waterproof (to a certain extent) and extremely resistant to external factors. 

It features multiple pockets, including side pockets that can easily fit a water bottle or even an umbrella. The pockets are made with bronze magnetic flaps that add to the vintage vibe of the backpack, but also provide easy access to your belongings.

  • Large Capacity
  • Water-resistant
  • Memory Foam Shoulder Straps
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Side Pockets for a Water Bottle or an Umbrella
  • Bronze Magnetic Flaps
  • Affordable
  • Not Resistant to Heavy Showers
  • Not Full-Grain Leather


Choosing a perfect men’s leather backpack can be daunting, seeing how even the smallest, intricate details can greatly affect the overall quality and functionality of the product.

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We’ve reviewed ten of the best men’s leather backpacks to find which one provides most of the benefits for experienced travelers.

Out of these ten, we have found that the Kenneth Cole Reaction Business Backpack has the most to offer in terms of quality, space and the features it provides.

The backpack is made of durable cowhide Colombian leather and its interior is equipped with tear-resistant lining which adds to the overall quality of the pack. It also has plenty of useful features such as a TSA-approved laptop compartment, a trolley tunnel and a padded top handle.

The only downside to the backpack is its overall size, as it’s a bit bulky, but overall it provides plenty of storage for all essential traveling gear, so it’s bound to be slightly bigger than regular backpacks.

Ultimately, the backpack comes with a lifetime limited warranty which is another favorable aspect when considering the overall product desirability.