7 Best Diaper Backpacks For Traveling

Planning to embark on a wondrous expedition with your little one?

Or maybe just pay a visit to the local grocery store for the time being?

Well, say hello to your new best friend – the diaper backpack.

Multifunctional, waterproof and with the best luggage straps out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best diaper backpacks currently on the market.

What is a Diaper Backpack?

A diaper backpack or sometimes simply known as a diaper bag is a storage bag equipped with multiple pockets and pouches designed to carry all necessary items for taking care of a baby while on the road.

While some designs are pretty straightforward, other diaper backpacks have additional features such as wheels, handles, and straps that alleviate the process of handling, feeding or changing the baby.

How to Choose the Best Diaper Backpack?

There is a wide range of diaper bags out there and choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming at times.

There are a few aspects to look for when choosing a diaper backpack most suitable for your needs, functionality being the main one.

Make sure that the backpack has plenty of organized storage so you can find all your belongings with ease. It would be good if the bag was equipped with clips so you could attach it to a stroller or another piece of luggage, to give your back a bit of rest.

Also, keep in mind that babies need to eat frequently, so additional features such as an insulated bottle pouch can definitely come in handy.

Another thing to remember is that traveling with kids can get messy. That being said, it’s a good idea to look for a backpack that can be washed and dried easily.

Lastly, carrying a backpack full of stuff is hard work. You can try and alleviate this process by opting for an ergonomically designed backpack that won’t put much strain on your back.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular Backpack and a Diaper Backpack?

Although you might be tempted to simply throw all your baby essentials in your good ol’ regular backpack and hit the road, there are more than a few reasons why that wouldn’t work out so well.

Firstly, unlike a diaper backpack which provides plenty of separated storage compartments for all your needs,  a regular backpack usually has one big storage pouch followed by a set of smaller side pockets. Imagine trying to rummage through all the clothes, diapers, toys and trinkets to dig out a single paper towel from the bottom of the backpack? Not too convenient right?

Another thing to keep in mind is that the interior of diaper backpacks are usually made of water-resistant and easily-washable materials due to spillages and similar accidents. Most regular backpacks don’t have these easy-to-clean properties which is a huge disadvantage in terms of functionality.

Moreover, most diaper backpacks have plenty of additional features like changing pads and insulated pockets, which can rarely be found in regular backpacks.

7 Best Diaper Backpacks for Traveling

1. RUVALINO Maternity Travel Backpack

Compact, yet incredibly spacious, this diaper backpack has won the hearts of parents across the globe. The plethora of pockets, insulated pouches and a sleek design are what make this maternity travel backpack one of a kind.
Aside from providing plenty of space for all your baby essentials, RUVALINO also offers a padded laptop pocket, as well as mesh pocket organizers for your keys, phone and other trinkets.

The backpack is equipped with dual zippers for easy handling and features a conveniently-designed changing pad.

What parents mostly love about this diaper backpack is its versatility and overall style. The unisex, neutral design makes it suitable for both parents and in any given environment. Moreover, the bag is multifunctional and can be used both as a backpack and a handbag, depending on your preference.
Some users did report issues with the zipper mechanisms, but the manufacturer does offer a 3-month warranty for all quality problems, so it’s possible to resolve potential issues by contacting the manufacturer directly.

  • Spacious with Plenty of Storage
  • Sleek and Unisex Design
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Mommy Pocket
  • Dual Zippers
  • Mesh Pocket Organizers
  • Padded Laptop Pocket
  • Elasticized Side Pocket
  • Diaper Organizer
  • Backside Pocket
  • 3-Month Warranty
  • Quality Issues Relating to Zippers

2. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

The main reason why users love this backpack is its hands-free design, which, all parents will agree, is a valuable feature to have. Due to its adjustable straps, it’s also possible to attach it to the stroller for even more convenience.

The diaper bag comes with 14 multi-sized pockets for your belongings, as well as a spacious, insulated pouch which can hold multiple bottles at the same time.
Parents were quick to praise the quality of the backpack, seeing how the bag is made from a water-resistant twill polyester and features strong, durable zippers. Users agree that the fabric is super comfortable and that the product looks as good as new even months after purchasing it.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a complimentary changing mat, as well as a sundry bag, for storing additional bottles and other essentials.

There were reports of bags ripping at the seams, which later was discovered to be a batch of faulty bags that were promptly replaced by the manufacturer.

One thing that makes Bag Nation unique is that they offer an unlimited lifetime warranty on all of their products, so if something goes wrong you can always count on the manufacturer’s guarantee to resolve the issue in question

  • Handsfree Design
  • Multi-sized Pockets
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Extra Comfortable
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Magnetic Flap Outer Pockets
  • Ergonomically-Designed Changing Pad
  • Free Changing Mat and Sundry Bag
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • Older batch of backpacks used to rip at the seams

3. ZUZURO Diaper Bag

Mommies from all over are loving this fashionable, yet practical diaper bag – and for good reason too!

With 15 pockets, two bottle pouches and easily-accessible side compartments, this product makes it super simple to keep all your valuables organized and at the tip of your fingers.

While some parents love the compactness of the bag, others remarked that the backpack doesn’t provide as much space as they’d prefer.

Users really like the quality of the fabric, as well as the interior water-repellent fabric which makes cleaning spills and messes super simple and convenient.

The bag is designed to give parents a hands-free experience and includes stroller straps, grab handles as well as additional stroller hooks for attaching your hanging diaper bag.

The main downside of this diaper backpack is the lack of a changing pad. Some users also reported the shoulder straps feeling uncomfortable after a certain period of time.

  • Stylish Design with Multiple Color Choices
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Free Stroller Hooks
  • Good Quality-to-Price Ratio
  • No Changing Pad
  • Not as spacious as other bags in this category
  • Some users reported the straps being uncomfortable on their shoulders

4. HapTim Multi-Function Diaper Bag Backpack

A multifunctional, high-quality, stylish diaper backpack fit for all traveling parents.

Many users reported the backpack being super spacious and convenient. With 18 pockets, 2 large compartments and an anti-thief back pocket, this product is double the capacity of other, standard diaper backpacks. Some claim that this backpack can hold enough items for two babies, making it a perfect choice for twins.

The ergonomic design is another amazing feature that users highly regarded. With a 3D breathable padded backside and comfortable shoulder straps, it helps relieve tension and puts no additional strain on your neck and back.

The product is equipped with a changing pad, stroller straps as well as 3 insulated bottle pockets.

Although the backpack is waterproof, it is not machine washable, as the hardware parts are sensitive and prone to damage when exposed to water. A number of users had negative experiences with the shoulder straps breaking after a certain period of time.

  • Large with Plenty of Pockets
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Changing Pad
  • Waterproof
  • 3 Insulated Bottle Pockets
  • Stroller Straps
  • Anti-thief Pocket
  • Good for Twins
  • 30 Days Free Exchange + 90 Days Warranty
  • Not Machine Washable
  • Bulky
  • Quality Control Issues Related to Shoulder Straps

5. WmtLife Baby Diaper Backpack

WmtLife backpacks always come with strong, gold-toned zippers that have been tested up to 50,000 times. The premium, easy-to- clean waterproof fabric is made without toxic chemicals like lead or formaldehyde, making it safer as well as more eco-friendly.

This bag has two main compartments and 15 roomy pockets to help you keep your supplies and other baby items organized and easy to find when you need them. It also provides plenty of room for diapers, bottles, water, tablets, books, teethers, and whatever else you want to keep handy.

You can wear it as a backpack or use the handbag handles for easy toting. To take the load off your back and shoulders, it comes with straps you can use to hang the bag from the back of your stroller.

  • Large with plenty of pockets
  • Durable and good quality construction
  • Easy to clean waterproof fabric
  • Front pocket with insulated sleeves for bottles
  • 4 Stylish color options
  • Handbag handles
  • Stroller straps included
  • Remains standing when packed
  • Opens wide at the top to access main compartment
  • Side wipes/tissue holder too small for standard wipes/tissue packages.
  • “Security”/ purse pocket doesn’t hold much.
  • Quality control issues related to backpack straps, zippers, and overall construction

6. Sensyne Multi-Function Waterproof Nursing Backpack

This diaper backpack has a wide-open design with insulated pockets — including a front pocket with 3 insulated sleeves for bottles or sippy cups. Strong, metallic zippers make it easy to access the roomy main compartment and 13 separate storage compartments.

The durable zipper expander gives you up to 10% additional capacity, and the water-resistant material makes clean-up easy. The USB charging hole on the side allows you to charge a device without opening your backpack.

The handbag straps make toting easy if you’d rather not wear this on your back. Like the previous model, this one also comes with stroller straps. And the neutral charcoal color goes with everything.

  • Compact but spacious
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Multifunctional
  • Insulated pockets for bottles and sippy cups
  • USB interface
  • Waterproof and easy-clean fabric
  • Zipper expander
  • Handbag handles
  • Stroller straps included
  • Opens wide at the top to access everything
  • Separate pocket for wet clothes
  • Adjustable sections of the straps are beige rather than gray
  • Wipe/tissue pocket too small for most standard wipe or tissue packages
  • Only comes in one color

7. HaloVa Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Diaper Bag Backpack

This versatile backpack / day bag comes in 15 color choices and features handbag straps at the top for easy toting. A pocket on the back gives you easy access to items at the bottom of the large main compartment.

The front compartment has three insulated pockets for small to medium-sized bottles. Or, if your little one is past that, it can hold other necessary items like diaper cream, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. And if you’d rather leave the purse at home, use this bag’s anti-theft pocket to stash your phone and wallet for safe-keeping.

The tissue dispenser pocket on the side helps you stay on top of runny noses and minor messes.

  • 15 color choices
  • Durable, waterproof material
  • Front pocket has three insulated pockets for bottles, etc.
  • Opens wide at the top to access main compartment
  • Multifunctional with handbag straps
  • 90 day money-back guarantee
  • Anti-theft pocket (for phone, wallet, keys, etc.)
  • Separate wet cloth pocket
  • Fabric feels rough.
  • No stroller straps.
  • Top zipper difficult to open and close with one hand.


When talking about diaper backpacks, there are more than a few factors to consider when choosing the most suitable one for yourself and your little one.

Aspects such as available space, portability, affordability of the products, as well as any additional features it provides can greatly impact the overall quality of the bag.

Out of the 4 diaper backpacks we reviewed today, we’ve found that Bag Nation’s Diaper Bag Backpack meets all the requirements in terms of value, variety and convenience.

The users agreed that the backpack is compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t lack in storage availability. People were also pleased with the complimentary sundry bag and changing mat that are included in the purchase.

Aside from some quality issues relating to an old batch of products, most users recognized the overall value this backpack provides, as well as the plethora of handy features included in the purchase.

Bag Nation’s Diaper Bag Backpack also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty which is another aspect that made users choose this product over the rest.

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