Best Luggage Carts for Travel for 2020

You’re not a “light traveler,” by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s not rare for you to lug around three or more suitcases at a time. Somehow, despite your lack of a Ph.D. in physics, you manage to keep your bags upright from the airport all the way to your home.

Still, you know you can do better.

You know that frequently travelling with bags that weigh as much as you will take its toll on you eventually.

In fact, you may have heard a horror story or two about injuries caused by heavy luggage.

If you’re not already a victim of baggage-related injuries, you sure as heck don’t want to become one.

One way to avoid getting injured by your luggage is to buy the best luggage carts you can get your hands on.

Why Use Luggage Carts?

Specifically, why bring your own luggage carts? Won’t they just take up more space in your bags? Don’t airports already offer those?

Actually, there are a handful of good reasons to bring your own luggage cart.

Luggage carts save space.

Unlike the wheels on wheeled bags, luggage carts can be separated from the luggage they’re carrying. Most luggage carts can be folded and tucked anywhere you want, so you don’t have to worry about the carts’ wheels taking up too much space in the overhead cabin.

Also, if you’re using luggage carts, chances are most of your bags aren’t the wheeled sort. In other words, the airport guy is more likely to let your bags on board, since there aren’t any wheels to hog space in the overhead compartment.

Luggage carts keep you safe.

Since you don’t have to put luggage carts in the overhead cabin, they’re not likely to roll off and land on your head. And since luggage carts are often used when your carry-on luggage doesn’t have wheels, the latter isn’t likely to roll out of the cabin either. As you know, luggage-related injuries are far too common, so luggage carts can literally save your life.

Luggage carts give you more mobility.

Sometimes, you want to drag your luggage on wheels. Other times, you want to carry it by hand or on your back.

Most bags only allow one of the above options. With a luggage cart, you have the option to put all your bags in one cart and drag them from there, or tuck the cart away and use whatever strength you have to carry your bags instead.

Luggage carts can be used outside the airport. 

Of course, this only applies if you buy your own luggage cart. If you’re renting a cart from the airline (or from a third party), there might be a limit as to how far you can take the cart before giving it back to the renter.

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On the other hand, if you bring your own luggage cart, you can take it all the way to your house, and not have to worry about paying extra fees for a one-time service.

Luggage carts keep the weight off your shoulders (literally).

This is arguably the most important benefit of luggage carts. You don’t have to worry about strategically stacking bags anymore: All you have to do is put all your bags into your cart, and let the cart do all the heavy lifting for you.

How to Choose Luggage Carts

Check the maximum capacity.

As sturdy as luggage carts are, there’s a limit to how much weight they can carry. Before you buy one, make sure it’s capable of carrying the usual amount of luggage you use when travelling. Also, if you have doubts about the maximum capacity advertised by the manufacturer, check out what other customers have to say.

Don’t compromise on durability.

The last thing you want is your luggage cart breaking before you get into your ride back home. Do your homework on both the cart’s material and manufacturer. Check whether the material is the durable sort, and whether the manufacturer has a solid reputation for high-quality products.

Make sure the size is right.

If you’re not putting the luggage cart in the overhead cabin (and it’s highly recommended that you don’t, for reasons we’ve talked about above), it should be small enough to fit underneath the airline seat. At the same time, it should be large enough (when extended) to accommodate all the bags you intend to put into it.

Make sure the luggage cart fits your unique needs.

At the very least, your luggage cart should score high in terms of capacity, durability and size. However, you may have additional requirements for your cart, such as the ability to fold easily, or the ability to be used for purposes other than carrying travel luggage. In that case, check whether the cart meets these requirements as well.

Need help assembling your luggage cart? Check out this video:

5 Best Luggage Carts for Travel for 2020

Samsonite Compact Folding Luggage Cart

Samsonite’s travel products are usually excellent, and their luggage cart is no exception. With a maximum extended height of 37 inches, and a capacity of up to 70 pounds, it can accommodate at least two standard-sized carry-ons.

At the same time, the luggage cart is light enough to stash wherever you want, and easy enough to fold that you won’t take too much time setting it up. For a product that’s US$30 as of this writing, this one’s a steal.

On the other hand, you might want to be careful about the way you tug at the handles, since they can get stuck. You’ll also want to avoid an unbalanced load, as the cart might tip to the side.

Check it out on Amazon

AODAILIHB Portable Folding Luggage Cart 360° Rotate Wheels Load 440 pounds

Flexibility was obviously AODAILIHB’s priority when designing this luggage cart. The wheels can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to change direction in a jiffy. The base plate is also extendable, which is great if your luggage proves to be larger than you anticipated. You can even use it for non-travel related stuff, such as transporting boxes when you’re moving house.

When folded, the cart’s size is 17.7 x 12.2 x 4.1 inches, making it easy to tuck into the corner of your house or car. When extended, the cart can accommodate up to 440 pounds — an incredible capacity, any way you look at it.

Check it out on Amazon

TravelKart Travel Luggage Cart

If you’re looking for a medium capacity luggage cart, this TravelKart item is the way to go. It won’t be able to carry as much as the ones we’ve already talked about, but it’s still a solid choice for a 1- to 2-day trip.

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For one, the stretch cords are straightforward to use: Just wrap them around your bag(s), and you’re good to go. It’s also small enough to carry wherever you go, and the material is sturdy enough that you don’t have to worry about it collapsing onto itself. The wheels might break a little too easily though, so you might not want to use this over Europe’s cobblestone streets.

Check it out on Amazon

Ultimaxx Folding Compact Lightweight Premium Luggage Cart – Travel Trolley

A name like “Ultimaxx” might be overselling it, but if you’re looking for a barebones luggage cart, it might not hurt to give this one a try.

If your bag doesn’t already have wheels, simply attach it to this cart and pull it around like wheeled luggage.

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The handle extends up to 36.5 inches high, allowing you to stack at least one more bag on top. Since the base plate is a bit small, however, you might encounter stability issues unless you’re a loading/stacking genius. Also, this cart is designed with the Ultimaxx Pro series bags in mind, so you might want to check those out too.

Check it out on Amazon

FCH Folding Hand Truck Aluminum Portable Folding Hand Cart 165lbs Capacity Hand Cart and Dolly

Want a little more personality for your luggage cart? The FCH line of carts comes in four different colors: black, blue, purple and red. With a maximum capacity of 165 pounds, the cart can carry most types of travel luggage, and then some.

FCH’s folding system is pretty straightforward. If you want to use the cart, push the wheels outwards and the base plate downwards; otherwise, fold them in the opposite direction. When extended, the handle can reach up to 39.37 inches — meaning you can fit a couple of standard-sized bags, or one long bag/box, at a time.

Check it out on Amazon


Whether you’re tired of figuring out the law of physics that allows you to carry four large bags at a time, or you’re simply unable to carry heavy luggage due to health reasons (e.g. muscle pain, back injury), a luggage cart can be a great help. You only have to pack your bags onto it the way you’d pack your stuff into your bags, and you’re all set.

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And if you’re careful to choose the right luggage cart for your needs, you can be sure your future trips will be relatively hassle-free.

What are your thoughts on luggage carts? Any recommendations other than the ones we gave above? Let us know in the comments!

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